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Tamiya Lunch Box


This R/C assembly kit recreates a fun and boxy classic VAN with over-sized monster truck tires. It is one of Tamiya's classic creations from the 1980’s (First released in 1987). It has been a fan favorite for its original appearance as much as for its R/C performance. The boxy minivan body has been raised up over monster truck wheels to ensure that this R/C van will grab the attention wherever you choose to drive it


Car Specs

Tamiya Lunch Box
  • Length: 385mm

  • Width: 290mm

  • Height: 225mm

  • Weight: 1,560g (not including R/C mechanism and battery)

  • Wheelbase: 207mm

  • Tread: 212mm (Front), 216mm (Rear)

  • Front/Rear Tire Width/Diameter: 71/115mm

  • Drivetrain: Rear-wheel 2WD

  • Suspension: Independent Swingarm (Front), Rolling Rigid (Rear)

  • Dampers: Friction Dampers (Front and Rear)

  • Differentials: 3-Bevel Differentials

  • Gear Ratio: 14.7:1

  • Motor: Type 540 Motor

  • Frame: ABS Box Type

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