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Tamiya Hotshot


Tamiya designers have given the Hotshot a makeover, replacing older, harder to assemble parts with modern equivalents but still keeping true to the spirit of the original Hotshot. While the front/rear double wishbone suspensions and adjustable mono-shock oil dampers remain the same, the drivetrain features modern dog bone type propeller shafts for enhanced reliability. The oil dampers have also been changed to the more modern diaphragm type.


Car Specs

Tamiya Hotshot
  • Length: 390mm

  • Width: 235mm

  • Height: 150mm

  • Weight: 1270g

  • Tread: Front/Rear 194mm

  • Tire Width/Diameter: Front 28/82mm, Rear 34/82mm

  • Frame: ABS Resin Monocoque

  • Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD

  • Differential Gear: 3-bevel

  • Steering: 2-piece Tie Rod

  • Suspension: 4-wheel Double Wishbone

  • Gear Ratio: 8.1:1, 10.04:1

  • Motor: Type RS540

  • Speed Controller: ESC

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