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Tamiya Super Clod Buster


Tamiya is proud to present the Super Clod Buster as an assembly kit. This monster truck features an American pick-up truck like body that gives it a realistic appearance. Front grill, air intake and roll bar have been recreated with metal plated parts. The Super Clod Buster features a twin-motor dual gearbox 4WD drive train, a durable link-arm, 8 coil springs and massive 165mm dia. tires for powerful and efficient running to overrun any obstacle.

Car Specs

Tamiya Super Clod Buster
  • Twin-motor dual gearbox 4WD drive train

  • Two tightly sealed gearboxes molded as one piece with axle housing

  • Gear train transmission and differentials for minimum power loss and smooth cornering

  • 4WS system for 4-wheel drive steering for easy tight cornering

  • Total Length: 480 mm

  • Total Width: 380 mm

  • Total Height: 340 mm

  • Chassis Material: ABS

  • Chassis Shape: Bathtub Type

  • Front and Rear Trailing Arm Suspension

  • Includes two Type 540 motors

  • Dual Motor ESC included for ample power to tackle obstacles

  • Tire Diameter (Front/Rear): 165 mm

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