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Tamiya GR Supra


This TAMIYA R/C model recreates the ALL-NEW 2019 Toyota Supra. The Supra has not been in production since 2002 and Toyota has brought it back thanks to a collaborative effort with BMW. The chassis, drivetrain, and engine are based on the BMW Z4. The body and suspension tuning were developed by Toyota to give the Supra a distinctive and classic Toyota sporty feel.


Car Specs

Tamiya GR Supra
  • Length: 457 mm (18.0 inches)

  • Width: 188 mm (7.4 inches)

  • Body Material: Lightweight and durable polycarbonate

  • Wheels: Twin 5-spoke, molded in black

  • Tires: Racing radial tires

  • Chassis: TT-02, known for its adaptability, balance, and stability

  • Identical suspension arm and upright components for ease of assembly

  • Differential Gears: 4-bevel differential gears

  • Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone suspension

  • Motor: Includes 540-type motor

  • ESC: Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (Electronic Speed Control)

  • Capable of running both sensor brushless motors and brushed motors

  • 21.5 Turn BL motor limit for brushless motors

  • 23 Turn brushed motor limit

  • Radio System: 2-channel radio and servo

  • Battery Pack: 7.2-7.4 volt battery pack & compatible charger

  • Paint: Tamiya PS paints

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