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Marshall's RC/Raceway Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

We expect everyone to follow these basic rules of conduct while at our track or in our store. Please remember this is a family oriented facility. Flaunting these rules can result in anything from a warning to expulsion for those involved.

  1. No smoking allowed in our buildings or bathrooms.

  2. The use of alcohol or any controlled substance (drugs) is prohibited anywhere on our premises. Anyone caught violating this rule will be ejected and banned from our tracks, store, and property. If the situation warrants it the proper authorities will be advised.

  3. Swearing or the use of foul language is prohibited. We realize that drivers; in the heat of the moment; “slip” from time to time. If a driver has trouble controlling this we will have a word or two with the driver in private. Too much of this and the driver will be asked to leave.

  4. Fighting or any kind of direct confrontation in our building or on our property could result in immediate expulsion, perhaps for good.

  5. Defacing our property or the property of any of our race drivers or our customers will result in immediate expulsion.

Race Track Basic Rules


First, let me repeat that no set of rules can cover everything. As situations come up; and I can assure you they will; we will deal with them as fairly and quickly as possible. 


  1. When running on the indoor carpet track always have a body on the car or truck. Also every vehicle must be at least 3/16” above the track. We gage this. Also smooth off any sharp edges. We protect the carpet at all costs. 

  2. When racing on the paved track and using a “house” transponder the transponder must be completely inside the body. Any part of the transponder cannot protrude. 

  3. Most drivers these days are using DSM (Spectrum) but there are still a few; including the track owner; still on a frequency. If you are one of those few please take a frequency clip before turning on your transmitter and put the clip back when you are done. If you are on a frequency never, never, never, turn on the transmitter during a race. 

  4. When practicing or racing on our tracks, show tolerance toward slower, less experienced drivers. YOU were once one of them. 

  5. Give a slower driver time to move for you; don’t drive ”through them”. 

  6. Slower drivers; move out of the way of faster drivers. Most of our heat races are “off the pole” starts; each driver starts their own clock’. It makes no sense to block a faster driver. Watch the “pros”. They always move for each other in the heat races. Doing this makes everyone faster. 

  7. We can usually tell a deliberate “take out”. We won’t normally say anything the first time, but if it’s repeated, expect to hear from us. 

  8. Be ready for your race. If we have a good car count and time is a factor, we hold to a two-minute time limit between races. If a driver asks we will an extra minute. Then the race starts. Track officials and workers are exempt from this rule. 

  9. Drivers; unless excused because of physical problems; must track marshal following their race. If you are unable to track marshal it is up to you; not us; to find a substitute. The substitute must be a driver entered in the race program or a registered track marshal. We do have a few of them. 

  10. Drivers have to “police” each other. Talk to each other. Just remember, “baiting” or “hazing” a driver is strictly prohibited. This has led to the expulsion of at least one driver. 

  11. Don’t holler at or harass track marshals. We give track marshals permission to develop instant paralysis if they are being hollered at or harassed in any way. 


Basic Rules For Cars & Trucks 

As car and truck classes are changing all the time its kind of a waste to write rules for every car and truck. We suggest the driver call us or e-mail us for information on a certain class. 


  1. On our indoor carpet track all cars and trucks must use either foam or “street rubber” tires. 

  2. Bodies should be painted and windows clear, translucent, or cut out unless the vehicle is a RTR and comes with the windows blacked out. 

  3. This was mentioned before, but every vehicle must be at least 3/16’ off the carpet track. We gage this. If you are lower you aren’t allowed on the carpet track. 

Any set of rules cannot cover every situation. As things happen and there is not a rule to cover it the matter will be dealt with as quickly and fairly as possible. If an immediate decision isn’t necessary we will research the matter carefully first. 

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